Here we go again…

Well hello! It’s been awhile. And by awhile I mean over a year because I fell off the blogging wagon HARD! But I’m back! Did you miss me? I missed you.

You may be looking at this whole fancy refreshed page and saying hold up. This is not the blog I was looking for. This was a blog about a dog. Now it’s all fancy and weird and has a new name and WHAT IS HAPPENING?! Well guess what? Things change. This is still a blog about a dog…but now it’s SO MUCH MORE! Are you excited? You should be. Are you confused? I do have that effect on people.

I’ve decided to use this platform to not only keep you up to date on Chesney’s antics, but also as a way for you all to get to know all of me. You see, a lot has changed in the course of a year and I want to share all the various facets of my super fascinating life with you dear reader, and whether you find them fascinating or not is entirely up to you. So here it goes: life update in five points!

  1. I got married. Whaaaaaaaat. I know. I have a HUSBAND. And he’s amazing.
  2. We bought a house. It’s so pretty. Now we have a mortgage. It’s awesome.
  3. We GOT ANOTHER DOG. Her name’s Paisley. She’s ridiculous. I love her to pieces.
  4. Acorn Photographs. I started a business taking pictures of wonderful people. It just keeps growing and I LOVE IT!
  5. I discovered essential oils. They will change your life. Seriously.

There. You’re all caught up! You’re welcome.

Miss Paisley ❤ 

Life with Cat

Early morning: you’ve been awake for under two minutes. You were awoken by a four-legged alarm clock going through a ritualistic bedroom dance that includes, but is not limited to:

  • Stomping on your stomach, chest, face, and anything else exposed and squishable.
  • Systematically knocking everything you own off the dresser.
  • Clawing at the bed like a mental patient seeking sunlight.
  • Tearing through the house singing the song of his people in the most hellish tone imaginable.
  • Breaking things. All the things. Basically anything not nailed down is toast.

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