We’re Back!

Did you miss us? It’s been an eventful month and a bit, but I promise I have valid excuses for my absenteeism. Chesney and I had an unfortunate first half of December, but do not despair! His year and mine both ended on a delightful note. Are you just squirming with anticipation yet? No? Well then…

You mean this Christmas tree isn’t for me?!

The early December days brought restructuring for mom and removal of a certain troublesome twosome for Chesney. While I was ousted from employment by a corporate entity hell bent on increasing profitability through employee elimination and subsequent dream crushing, Chesney was having the vet appointment dreaded by six-month-old-pets-with-responsible-owners everywhere. There will be no heirs to Chesney’s throne. He will not go forth and multiply. There will be no chips off his block. No apples will land from his tree. You get the picture. If you don’t get the picture I would recommend Google and the removal of the rock from which you are currently under. I kid, I kid. Honestly I don’t think he even knows anything is missing, and he got to wear an adorable road cone of shame for seven days. He didn’t care so much about the cone’s presence but found himself spatially challenged for the duration of his shaming. This gave rise to him requiring constant supervision, as he got stuck EVERYWHERE. In his crate, in the cat’s crate, under the coffee table, beside the couch, under kitchen chairs… He also lost numerous toys in the depths of his crown, resulting in endless entertainment as he endeavored to retrieve his long lost treasure. Happily he recovered splendidly, but that whole “your puppy with mellow out after being fixed” thing is totally a lie…

Remember the When Puppies Explode episode? That sums up the better part of Chesney’s month. Our spoiled prince of princes now eats only grain-free, naturally preserved, limited ingredient kibble with a side of homemade chicken and rice. Top it all off with a dollop of pure pumpkin and a probiotic chaser for his most sensitive of tummies. He is also watched like a hawk by yours truly to ensure no foreign objects likely to wreak intestinal havoc pass the threshold of his tiny shark jaws. You would be AMAZED what a pup deems acceptable for consumption these days. Frozen turd of unknown origin? You mean winter fudgesicle! Bounty fresh dryer sheet? More like exotic cotton candy! Cat’s scratch pole? Must be a giant fiber lollipop!! Sometimes I wonder about this little guy…

New sweater and dinosaur from Grandma! 🙂

Despite our rocky start the year ended in the most fabulous of ways. Chesney had his first Christmas, received a myriad of gifts and made it his personal mission to systematically destroy them all. He then performed the very important role of ring bearer in the Canadian Rockies as his dad’s adorable accomplice to a cabin proposal. Can you guess what mom said? Well yes of course!! Our little house could not be more full of love right now. ❤

Is there something on my face…?

That’s all for now, my loyal digital following! I pinky swear to return soon and provide a pupdate for your reading pleasure. As always thanks for reading! 🙂

7 thoughts on “We’re Back!

  1. Hahaha our pup loves frozen horse poo (or any kind of horse poo really…)! Thankfully, as he doesn’t have a sensitive tummy, I use it as a life reward…once he sees it I call him away, he gets a quick treat and then he’s released to go have a little sample…doesn’t get much better than that (for him) 😀

    We are hoping to get Rey neutered within the next 2-3 weeks. How long was Chesney in the cone for? How long did your vet limit his exercise for? Any info is greatly appreciated ^__^

    We are hoping to use an inflatable collar-cone-thing with Rey. We’ve been getting him used to wearing it for months, so hopefully it will work out and we can avoid the dreaded lampshade…!


    • Chesney hasn’t experienced horse poop yet as our stable isn’t pup friendly, but once he does I’m sure he’ll think he’s hit the jackpot!

      He wore his cone for six and a half days, and I gave him some supervised cone-free time after the first couple of days. I had him wear it each night for the full 7 days however as he was unsupervised in his crate. The vet recommended keeping it on for 1-2 weeks depending how interested he was in chewing his stitches and to restrict exercise to light walking for 7-10 days. That was probably the hardest part as Chesney delights in tearing up and down the stairs like a banshee and body slamming our cat…haha! Depending on the pup you should be ok to take the cone off during the first week for some playtime, just watch out as Chesney was a sneaky stitch chewer whenever I wasn’t looking! The inflatable collars are great as he should be able to eat and drink with it on and avoid the cone of shame entirely!

      Good luck Rey!! 🙂

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      • Ah thank you so much 😀

        Hahaha body slamming the cat!! Raiden spends half his time in the air (either jumping at us in play or diving on and off furniture), so that will be a fun thing to try and prevent 😛

        I get so worried about neutering. I’ve only had to neuter one other dog, and when we got her spayed our vet at the time was TERRIBLE…he gave us *no* aftercare advice (he wouldn’t even see us!), refused to give her pain meds (my partner had to phone up and really argue to get some the next day) and because we didn’t get any aftercare advice the vet nurse told us Zoey didn’t need a cone…which meant she bothered her stitches, but luckily not enough to damage anything!

        She also spent the first 1.5 days after coming home moping and being sick every hour or so, including throughout the night…this was terrifying because the vet hadn’t warned us that this could happen & we had no idea if it was normal.

        We’re lucky to have an awesome vet now, but the anxiety carries across and I’m so worried something will go wrong or we will do something wrong with Rey. Really helpful to talk to another puppy parent who has just gone through it all, so thank you 🙂


      • No worries, happy to help a fellow puppy parent! That sounds like a terrible experience…glad you found a much better vet now! After care information is so essential, especially if you’ve never been through it before!

        Chesney was on an oral pain med for 5 days following his surgery, however he had a slight complication requiring the doctor to go on a treasure hunt for one of his parts…poor guy! Luckily he recovered like a dream.

        If you’re concerned about Raiden being too energetic after the initial day of recovery you could try getting some “brain games” for him to keep him busy (but calm :P). I gave Chesney puppy bully sticks which provided hours of chewing (on something other than himself) and some Kong “treat traps” that make your canine companion work for a treat (or his kibble). Then his brain will be busy and hopefully deter some of that flying dog syndrome!

        Best of luck to you both, let me know how it goes!! 🙂


      • Yeah I could not believe the vet literally told us nothing…they brought Zoey out after her spay and we sat in the waiting room, as we assumed the vet was going to come talk to us – one of the nurses came over & asked us to leave, and when we said we hadn’t been given any aftercare advice she said we mustn’t need any!

        We have quite a few different puzzle feeders we can try keep him occupied with, although Rey is so impatient he gets bored with any but the easiest ones – we can’t even freeze them because he gets bored!! I also read you can put a tiny dab of honey on the front paws to distract them from licking the sore bits…might be worth a try 🙂

        Thanks, will do!

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  2. Enjoyed the update. Congratulations to you both. You make an awesome couple. Best wishes for lots of happiness in the years ahead. Uncle Rick and Auntie Barb

    Sent from our iPad


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