Welcome to the Jungle!

We survived the first week of puppy-parenthood without major incident and the fur babies even flew solo for the first time! Yup, plural. We’re pursuing our life-long dream of having our own little menagerie that will eventually support us through their careers as animal actors and internet sensations. To explain further, Chesney has a big brother known as Spider-Man. He’s a seven-year-old grey tabby cat who was rather unimpressed by the arrival of his new playmate. He has since decided Chesney isn’t so bad, but for the first couple days I’m pretty sure he was trying to work out how to commit the perfect murder.

Left to their own devices I figured we’d arrive home to one of the following scenarios:

  • War of the Worlds
  • The Great Escape
  • Animal Farm

Luckily we were pleasantly surprised with Serendipity!

Spider's previous playmates...
Spider’s previous playmates…

Chesney is officially the smartest pup in the world (or at least I think so….). He’s realized that crying like a banshee will not get him our love. Also that sitting will make an endless supply of treats, toys, playtime and cuddles appear. However, he turns into a rabid hyena when outside and has discovered his true calling as a professional ankle bitter. We’re working on that. He is also the proud new owner of the smallest sized cat harness made on earth. ‘Cause he’s too tiny for the dog ones. Don’t tell him it’s for cats…shhhh.

Home Improvements!
Home Improvements!

Because he looks like a tiny bunny on a string everyone thinks he’s the cutest thing to ever exist, and I’m inclined to agree. Thus he has been the subject of a ridicules amount of petting, squealing, and picture taking (by total strangers). Having an adorable puppy is like a social catalyst. Pre-Chesney I did not know a single living being in my apartment complex. Seriously, I was beginning to wonder if anyone else actually lived here. Thanks to this little fur-ball I now know Lucy, Bailey, Penny, and an adorable calico cat who resides next door. I’m not totally sure what their human companions are called…but they are also quite lovely.

That’s all for now, dearest people of the internet. Check back next week for the latest pupdate! Thanks for reading! 🙂

Position is everything in life!
Position is everything in life.

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