Well hello there!

photo credit: Nathan Walker Photography   (he’s an incredibly talented photography genius)

I’m Kaitlin. Taking pictures is my passion, I love my hubby and my fur babies, I don’t eat furry or feathery creatures, and Chapters is my happy place. There. Now we’re best friends.

This blog is a collection of stories chronicling my journey as a photographer and chatting about dogs. If you came here for perfectly crafted lifestyle features you’re in the wrong place. This is not the blog you’ve been looking for. If you would like to hear about my adventures as a lifestyle and wedding photographer, head on over to the Photography blog! If you’d like to know why my dogs think they’re people and how no amount of essential oil fueled zen will make me a domestic goddess, you belong in the land of Raising Two Pups!

Whoever you are and however you found this little nugget of the internet I’m so happy you’re here! My hope is that this blog makes you laugh and inspires you to get a dog or run a marathon or become a professional tight rope walker (I’m not here to judge your dream). If it does then my work here is done and you are welcome.

Whatever lifts you up, keep it. Whatever brings you down, leave it.